Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vampire Shoes

Prada AW10/11 shoes

Picture reference courtesy of Jane Aldrige

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am really into this colour this moment.
Pantone 7475 C

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Final Product

Finished product....
Think there's slightly hope for this one...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shining shoulders

Since its been very very long ever since the SOS post,

This is one of my new phaverruete piece bought for Chinese New Year...
though I'm not that happy with my "love handles"

but trust me...i'm getting rid of them. ( yes mom, its for real this time. )

Fake swarovski iron on shoulder padded sleeveless very body hugging top
Semi 3 quarter black drop crotch harem

If I am given a choice, I'll like Balmain's SS 10 collection's shoulder

Monday, January 4, 2010


Freelancer on sale...
Lets see...20% off!

Anything graphic design to custom made shoes.

Maybe...babysitter? personal shopper?

Name it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MFDC SemiFinal

The result for Malaysian Footwear Design Competition semifinal is out today.

There's a total of 12 entries from 5 people from my company who entered.

May (shoes + graphic designer) = 3 ladies fashion entries.
2 ladies evening entries.
1 ladies casual entry.

Jen (senior shoe designer) = 1 ladies fashion entry.
2 ladies evening entries.

Jo (fashion designer) = 1 ladies evening entry.

JoonMing (graphic designer) = 1 men fashion entry.

Saiful (accessories designer) = 1 ladies fashion entries.

Entries highlighted in red failed to make it to the semifinals.

However, entries highlighted in green are all IN.

5 of us managed to get to the semi and will need to prepare for sourcing and prototyping the shoes drawn.

Root for us!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Piala Seri Endon Semi Final

0600 Woke up
0700 Reach times square
0730 Register as one of the participant for piala seri endon fashion category
0900 Breakfast is served
1000 We were ushered to a room to prepare our presentation on given mannequins


1300 Ordered lunch but it took forever to come.
1330 Gathered at the backstage for further instruction for catwalk.
1430 Catwalk at times square concourse area started. Our collection was the 2nd to come out.
1530 Everything ended. Titing (colleague and team mate) and I waited for 2nd catwalk.
1630 Catwalk of heat 2 started.
1730 Catwalk ended.
1800 Home.

This competition is really a good experience. It gives me a taste of what fashion designer is like, walking with your models along the runway with the clothes you make. Its really thrilling, although most of the time I worried if I would take the wrong step and fell like an idiot.

Overall, Titing and I think that we did our best, done everything we could and leave the rest to the judges and God. We think that all our blood sweat and money are really worth the moment, whether the judges like the garment or not.

The presentation doesn't go really well but its okay, there are meant to be critiques. Just need to accept and keep in mind.

One of the 2 thing I regret the most is that this post is just gonna be words, no pictures or to put it regretfully, no evidence of what we've accomplish so far. Maybe because by the time, I'm really tired, cant think of anything else besides hoping the models does not trip on the dress.

I brought camera, didn't take one good picture of the dress, of the models, of the show, of the catwalk, of our joint effort. I just cant believe I'm this stupid for once. Although media is almost a lot more than the participant, but it would be quite impossible to get the pictures from them.

The 2nd thing is that it is my first real show, on the catwalk, with media coverage. I didnt bother to invite any friends to support us. We didnt even ask our colleagues to come. Its just that the glorious moment just pass by in a blink of an eye, without any evidence, any witnesses. I really hoped that I invite all those who has faith in my passion, who has faith in me. I'm really terribly sorry. I really thank you guys for our utmost support.

This doesnt end the competition just yet, tomorrow I will need to go to times square one more time, to hear the results. Bless me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Malaysian Footwear Design Competition

These few days I've been very busy trying to finish up the shoes entries i have been working on for the last couple of weeks. There's 4 category:

1. mens fashion footwear
2. ladies fashion footwear
3. ladies evening footwear
4. ladies leisure footwear

Its maximum of 3 entries per category, so being a human as greeedy as me, I entered 3 for fashion, 2 for evening and 1 for leisure for all ladies category.

I tried to join the men's category, but oh well...the deadline's up before I could think of anything.
Well...the initial deadline i meant.
Now that the association said that there's not enough entries therefore it will be postponed till end of the month.....I dropped my jaw and I froze there for sometime.

Now that I have another 10 days, I think I might cook something up for the rest of the entries that is still available for entries.

My sifu won first for last year evening entries, so I am quite under pressure, and I myself have had some expectation for myself. Although now I wont know how it'll turn out, but I already give my best. All there's left is prayers i guess.

3 fashion categories

2 evening categories

1 casual entries

Thats all...more to come...if i can think of

Signing off

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MacQueen's Absurdity

Okay...its not for the faint really isnt.

When drawing shoes...we always try to find ways to create new silhouette or what new shape makes the shoes more flattering on the feet.

This is awesome...

Very alien-ish and very terminator-ish

Very Graphic and Cyber dont you think? Something like from starwars...

This is just "normal". The most normal shoe in the collection cuz...

...its only metal wall-e ish right? even rodarte's shoe was something to do with nats and screws.


Oh...talking about absurdity. or Crazy...
Well, dont mention flattering, it doesnt even look like something you wear on the feet.

From the front, it looks just nice, with bit and pieces of glass or something. Very new and oh...look...high platform ankle boots. was what i thought when i saw untill....

I saw the sideview.

I think I dont need to comment more on this...

Because it speaks for itself already

Isn't it? It is gonna make a huge uproar and well successful for having me to feature it here.
Forget about wearing it. One should buy some flowers to put in it. Agree?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Batik Painting

First, melt all candles you've got.


First layer of wax (canting)



First layer of colour.

Hand belongs to Titing ( teammate ) doing the 2nd layer of wax.

Fill in the colours.

There, done!

Now its been sent to fix the colour and wash off the wax.
Root for us! Fighting!